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Could cleaned water from "Hans Group" biological wastewater plant be poured out into the open waters?

YES. Due to the special biological wastewater treatment technologies purified water can be released into open waters. In Italy this water is used even in swimming pools.

Is the unit resistant to compression? Could it get deformation after installed in the ground?

YES, it is resistant to any kind of deformation. Hans Group sewage treatment plants are certified by SPSC Lithuania (installation in Lithuania), hence, it is resistant to compression and any environmental impact.

Is it alowed to throw toilet paper into "Hans Group" wastewater system?

YES. "Hans Group" biological wastewater treatment can easily dissolve toilet paper hence it will not clog wastewater treatment system.

Could the device be installed in the parcel, near playgrounds?

Yes, the device does not emit any bad odour, which is especially relevant in the small areas.

Could wastewater crust leak into the ground?

Due to improved system technology, wastewater crust, even if it occurs, does not release from the device, but retains in the device.

Can I use the biological wastewater treatment plant in the countryside house?

YES, system is effective even without a daily usage.

Does garbage and wastes clog wastewater treatment plant?

NO, after the technology improvement, the sediment grid is being installed in the plant and protects it from the physical wastes.

What to do if I have any problems with the plant?

"Hans Group" works on "365 days” service system, hence any problem that faces your plant, regardless warranty or non-warranty reason, will be solved during the contractual period.

What is the warranty time period for "Hans Group” plants?

All devices are provided with 10-year warranty.
Electrical part - 2-year warranty.

We strive, that by purchasing our device you would be completely sure of it's work excellence.

What is the equipment cleaning efficiency?

Up to 98% cleaning efficiency is one of the largest rate in these plants class.

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