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About us

“Hans Group” manufactures, installs and maintains highly advanced and technologically proprietary biological wastewater treatment plant. We believe that by installing effective wastewater treatment solutions, we contribute to reduction of environmental and water pollution.

Wastewater treatment plant technology is based on more than 40 years of research, development and life experience. The technology has been installed in 22 countries worldwide and this number is constantly growing. Thousands of satisfied customers in Lithuania use well-mounted and well-functioning devices.

We apply integrated approach for the solution, from identifying the problem, appropriate equipment selection, planning the project, finishing with implementation.  We provide both warranty and post-warranty services.


Wastewater treatment plants that we sell were certified within an independent laboratory.

Wastewater treatment plants complies with European Union Directive No. 89/106/EEC requirements for construction products and complies with EN 12566-3:2006+A1:2009 standard.



We are working in order to solve clients` wastewater problems by using best international wastewater treatment technology as well as comprehensive, reliable, financially reasonable and responsible solutions.


Be the partner that solves wastewaters problems comprehensively, environmentally efficiently and for lifelong.


  • Professional service
  • Rational and realistic attitude
  • Personal responsibility
  • Ecological thinking

Collaborating with “Hans Group” you will be assured that all your wastewater problems will be solved comprehensively, environmentally efficiently, seeking to forget about wastewater forever!

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